FT Patterns

 Errata for Fiber Trends, Inc.

While no one likes to encounter an error in his or her knitting pattern, we are only human.  We try our utmost to provide you with an error free pattern in the first place.  Below are the problems we are aware of.

 Errata information should apply to first printing only, your copy may already have the correction in place.

 Corrected information is bolded & underlined.

FT-217 Leaf Lace Afghan

We have received inquiries that the stitch count wasn't adding up (stitches 1-8 as sectioned off in the pattern). It will work out if you keep knitting. The numbers shift because the decrease in the first section needs a yarn over from the next section to work. This is one of those patterns that requires a bit of faith.

FT-218 Sunshine & Sails

First printing in old format in the Sails Face Cloth Chart on the pattern insert

In rows 14 & 24, there are 2 places where the symbol or v is used. These should be W just like the others.

Also on Row 65 of same chart the symbol at the top of large sailboat should be ¸

FT-212 Braided Cable Tea Cosies 

2 cup size only, all even numbered rows through row 12: repeats should be 6x, not 5x.


FT-231  Buddy Bears . . . and bones

Under instructions for Head, after rows 57 & 59. 

Should read:  (16 sts after row 60.)

FT-234 Baby Owl Takes Flight

Needle size should read: US size 9 (5.5 mm)

FT-235 Wine Cozies

Rnd 6: *p2, k2tog, k1, yo, k5, yo, k1, ssk, p2, 2/2RC; repeat from* around (k1 was missing from the first printing)

Rnd 26: *p2, k2tog, k1, yo, k5, yo, k1, ssk, p2, 2/2 LC; repeat from * around (ssk was missing from the first printing)

FT-460 Cropped Jacket:

Style  1, size small only, buttonhole row.

Row 6 should read: k1, k2tog, yo, k22 (25,28,31), place marker, k44 (50,56,62), place marker, k24 (27,30,33), slip 1.

FT-461 Country Weekend

For Sleeve section S-1, under the heading Top of Sleeve Shaping the second sentence should read

Repeat this short row 9 times with each row being 3 sts shorter than the previous row.

FT464 A Jacket For All Seasons – Long Shawl Collar Version

First printing only; one corrections to page 6

Under the heading Insert Pocket Lining and after rows 1 & 2 the instrucitons should read:

Continue working as established until you have 25 (25, 27, 30, 31) ridges, then work sleeve shaping rows to match back. Front should have 30 (35, 40, 45, 50) ridges from crocheted chain.
At lower edge of last ridge, work I-Cord Cast-Off for 15 stitches up the side as before.
Place the 3  I-Cord stitches onto a pin or holder at top of vent and the end of sleeve.
Leave remaining stitches on needle.

FT465 A Jacket For All Seasons – Short Version

First printing only; two corrections to page 5

1.Under heading Left Front Side and Sleeve stitch count was wrong.

Using a backward loop, cast on 3 stitches. With RS facing and using the same yarn, pick up and knit 78 stitches along the right side of the left front domino panel. Next, using same yarn, knit up 14 stitches from the end of one of the 136 loop chains. Mark the last stitch worked with a pin for raglan decrease then continue knitting up 116 more stitches.  (211 sts total)


2. Last paragraph on page should read:

Continue working in rows as established, decreasing on every RS row, until you have 25 (25, 27, 30, 31) ridges.
Work sleeve shaping to match back, continuing raglan decreases .  Front should have 30 (35, 40, 45, 50) ridges.
Place the I-Cord stitches at end of sleeve onto a pin or small holder. 
Place all remaining stitches onto a spare needle or long length of yarn.