CH Patterns


CH Patterns

Errata for Fiber Trends, Inc.

While no one likes to encounter an error in his or her knitting pattern, we are only human. We try our utmost to provide you with an error free pattern in the first place. Below are the problems we are aware of. Corrections have been made to our master files.

Errata information should apply to first printing only, your copy may already have the correction in place.

Corrected information is bolded and/or underlined.


If your pattern does not have all three sizes and stitch counts please contact or call 888-733-5991


CH-19 Bright Tradition

On the original teal color paper, printed in 1996.

Row 2 under ‘Begin pattern' should read: k9 (11,13,15,17), p2, k8, p2, k25 (25, 27, 29,

31), p2, k8, p2, k8 (10, 12, 14, 16), * repeat once to end of round.


CH-29 - Sisters

To keep the pattern correct, round 13 of the skirt (just above the lace edging) should read: k6, *p1, k11,* repeat to last 6 sts, p1, k5.


CH-43 Valerie's Poncho W&T (wrap and turn):

Slip the next stich, purlwise, from the left to right needle. Bring yarn to the front between the needles.

Place the slipped stitch back onto the left needle. Turn, ready to work in the opposite direction.


CH-50 Heart Quilt Baby Blanket

Block K: Row 4: k1, inc 1, k2. (5 sts)

CH-51 Tulips and Rosebuds Baby Blanket

First Printing Only

On page 2 of pattern:

Pattern Set Up, Row 1, final stitch count should be 179.

Center section of blanket, Rosebud Pattern, will have 119 sts, not 127. Stitch count after row 28 of Tulip Border should be 185, not 193.


Tulip Border - Chart 1:

Stitches between c & d are repeated 5 times, not 7.

Also, on Chart 3, the 24 st repeat section should be moved.


Move repeat lines so from rt, 15 sts, 24 sts, 32 sts.

Work repeat section 3 times total. (5 rosebuds total in first row, 3 rosebuds in second.) You may also email debbie@fibertrends.comfor a new Chart 3.

(If you downloaded this pattern after Jan 2009, it should be correct as is.)


 CH-54 Corona Baby Blanket

Abbreviation Used: m1. Should be kfb = increase by knitting into the front, then the back, of one stitch.


The following corrections affect set up and last row before seed border. Cast on number should be 175.

Set up Row A: (ws) Increase one stitch in this row by using a lifted increase with any of the k1 sts. Total stitch count will now be 176.

After the final center section row, you will work ‘Center Pattern Repeat' Row 1, one last time. Decrease one stitch in this section to return to the cast of number of 175 before working the